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Our Programs
   compassion and connections
Our work to develop new programs is continuously evolving. We launched three new programs in 2016  surrounding active military and military veterans. New in 2017 is our At Your Service program; free training for CGC, Emotional Support, Public Access and Service Dog status. We will continue to update this page as new initiatives are launched and new opportunities arise.
Buddy Builders : Companion Dogs
​Two rescue dogs were trained, loved and gifted to two military veterans who were seeking emotional support companions.

​Every Saturday morning active military and veterans can join us for an hour of free exercise and performance dog training.
NOW!  2018 Weekend Warriors
8:30 am - 9:30 am
Held at 
Performance Dogs in Action
No pre-req or long term commitment. Drop in!

Dog must be friendly & socialized. This is a working farm and dogs will be off leash. 

NEW! Free Service Dog Training
“At Your Service” is the new 2017 program for A New Leash on Life. Understanding the importance that animals play in our well-being, New Leash is dedicated to assisting military veterans, children with disabilities and those with special needs to prepare for their Canine Good Citizen, Public Access training, Emotional Support Dog designation and advanced training to acquire Service Dog 
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