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Iron Dog Bootcamp
Four veterans and their canine companions had the opportunity to train for the Iron Dog Unleashed competition in June 2016.

  • 12 weeks free dog sport training
  • Free entry to Iron Dog
  • No prior agility experience

Teamwork at its best
   Iron Dog Bootcamp
Iron Dog Bootcamp Begins!
Four veterans and their canine counterparts experienced agility course and dog sport training with professional trainers for 12 weeks in preparation for A New Leash on Life's  signature annual fundraiser - Iron Dog Unleashed

This is the first year we've offered this exciting experience for our dog-loving veterans.  Training began in March and ran through June, concluding in its finale at the Iron Dog event on June25th. 
Stephanie Heck & Olive
US Air Force / Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Meet the Teams
Diana Vazquez & Trina
Army / Labradoodle
Team "WAC y Doodle"

Tom Murphy & Max
US Air Force / German Shepherd

Juan Rodriguez & Flash
Army / German Shepherd

One dog. One handler.
Iron Dog Unleashed is a dog sport competition / fundraiser where dog and handler compete in a variety of dog events, including:

  • Agility
  • Dock Diving
  • Herding / Frisbee Challenge
  • Obedience / Rally
  • Rat Race / Nose Work
  • Nature Trail

​Learn more at IronDogUnleashed.com