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Harnessing the healing power
   of canine companions and furry friends
Our Mission
Our mission is to lift the spirits of dog lovers who are experiencing physical and emotional challenges. Whether you are a patient, a caregiver, an adult or a child, you are welcome to visit us and enjoy the healing power of canine companions and the farm's furry family. For those who battle in their own way, whether physically or mentally, we invite you to take refuge.
CANCER warriors, their families & caregivers  |  ​VETERANS, in honor of your service  |  CHILDREN who are disadvantaged, disabled or facing
                                                                                                                                                                 a debilitating illness

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A Veterans Story : The Power of a Partnership
When Everything Changes

James Capps was on a plane deploying to Saudi Arabia when the second plane hit the World Trade Center. In that moment he knew his life and his view of the world would never be the same. The years that followed were tumultuous as James found himself clouded in anger and in search of hollow justice. Then he was introduced to 2-year old Scout, a border collie with a lot to teach him about life.
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Free Training : CGC, Emotional Support & Service Dog Status
Watch us on Good Day Sacramento
Highlights companion dogs for veterans
​New Leash on Life & Iron Dog Spotlight
Weekend Warriors
​Every Saturday morning veterans can join our team of trainers for an hour of free exercise and performance dog training. No pre-requisites required. Dog must be friendly and socialized. 
8:30 am - 9:30 am
Held at 
Performance Dogs in Action
Two rescue dogs were trained, loved and gifted to two military veterans who were seeking emotional support companions.
Buddy Builders : Companion Dogs
"At Your Service" Launches in April 2017

Understanding the importance that animals play in our well-being, New Leash is dedicated to assisting military veterans, children with disabilities and those with special needs to prepare for their Canine Good Citizen, Public Access training, Emotional Support Dog designation and advanced training to acquire Service Dog. You may train your current dog or we will assist in finding one for you. Taking applications now.
Saturdays   Weekend Warriors - ongoing

Sunday, November 19th - Salute to Veterans Celebration    LEARN MORE
It is with a broken heart that we at New Leash on Life said "Goodbye" to our beloved board member, Linda George. Linda served for 8 years on the board of directors of New Leash on Life. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 9 years ago. Linda's dedication to helping those at New Leash was personal because of her own ongoing battle with cancer. Even on occasions following her chemo treatments she still felt compelled to serve and cook to provide a nice meal for others for that day's event. Linda saw to all the cost and prep for all the meals for Salute to Veterans, Hot Artist Nights, Kids Day, Iron Dog special birthday, and often fed the board of directors during long hours and meetings! 
Linda was a hard worker, problem solver and a dedicated friend. We will miss her terribly. Our heartfelt sympathies to her lifetime partner and wife, Kris Patche, and all her family and friends. 

A fireside remembrance will be held on Saturday, Oct 21st at 6:00 pm at PDIA